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Every week, each host of Grace & Truth will feature one of our favorite posts that has been linked up to the previous week’s link-up. It could be YOU next week, so please join us below!

It’s been an honor to read such an array of thoughts on what God is doing from so many people. We’ve enjoyed sharing and commenting on these posts throughout the week.  Without further adieu, here is what I chose to feature this week.

Living our Faith in Love & Grace & Truth | The Brown Tribe

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Domino Effect: How Relating Deeper Affects One Another

We are currently working toward making Claire’s room more personalized for her. She has been asking for her room to be painted and re-done since we did Iain’s room last year. Personally, I’ve resisted doing much with the house since we were thinking about moving while the possibility was out there. However we’ve since decided to stay here indefinitely so now I’m thinking about the changes I want to do to make it more comfortable and homey for us.

As I go through color schemes with Claire and ideas together, no one can miss her excitement and the way her eyes brighten at the coming changes. I can’t help but think about how her joy for this affects me as well.

Domino Effect: How Relating Deeper Affects One Another | The Brown Tribe

It also causes me to reflect on how other people’s stories, their walks with Jesus - especially when they are seeking Him intensely - and how they share what God is teaching them and how He is growing them, additionally affects those around them.  Read More

The Expats {Book Review}

“An international thriller, The Expats is the story of a seemingly ordinary working mom, Kate Moore, whose husband, Dexter, is offered a lucrative job in Luxembourg—a move that will unravel everything they believed about each other. Kate and Dexter have struggled to make ends meet, so they jump at the chance to start a new life abroad with the promise of rich rewards. But Kate has been leading a double life, and leaving America forces her to abandon her dangerous but heroic job.

She soon discovers that it will be harder than she thought to shed her past, especially while coping with the weight of an unbearable secret. Dexter seems to be keeping secrets of his own, working long hours for a banking client whose name he can’t reveal. When another American couple befriends them, Kate begins to peel back the layers of deception that surround her, revealing a heart-stopping con that threatens her family, her marriage, and her life.”

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The Tension of Balance {Satisfaction Through Christ}

When I was single I remember having this passion for discipleship and ministry in which all I wanted to do was read the Bible, gain the knowledge of the Holy, put that knowledge to action in service and help others do the same.

I distinctly remember being 100% all-in. I was free from distraction in my walk with Christ and it was life-giving and utterly amazing!

And then it all changed.

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