Monday Meanderings

Another Monday welcomes us, let’s face it with courage and tenacity!

Monday Meanderings: Weekly "Life" Organization | The Brown Tribe

Bible Study:
Discipleship Resources and chain-reference Bible study   

Memory Verse:
“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” (Romans 12:12)   

Husband Encouragement:
* Pray for him – this week specifically praying against stress & anxiety in the selling of our Omaha house & working with the property managers
* Plan a camping weekend soon

Train Them Up:
Aside from normal toddler & preschool aged behavior which needs constant correction, we are getting better at our daily devotionals. We’re also doing a LOT more looking up in the Bible about things they are disciplined for. We’ve always taught them what God says in His Word, but we’ve done it off of memory instead of physically showing them with an open Bible. This is proving fruitful, particularly with Claire, since she continues to ask us questions about the Bible and wants to read more.

New Habit of the Month:
Get things tossed into the Garage Sale pile!

* Finish 3 guest posts
* Finish final MOPS things for last meeting this week
* Gather MOPS stuff to hand-off for Rachael, the new DGL Coordinator for next year
* Gather discipleship stuff to start with friend
* CSA Basket pick-up starts this week

Mon – New England Baked Bean Stew, Cornbread, Salad
Tues – Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad, Peaches (for rest of fame, Mom’s Night Out for me!)
Weds – Roast, Salad, Fruit
Thurs – TBD
Fri – Grill something
Sat – TBD
Sun – Leftovers

* Mission-based prayer at our house
* 1×1 w/ Ashley P.
* Meeting w/ Rachael C re: MOPS duties
* Mission Leadership Team mtg
* Playdate w/ Gennie & kids

3 things I’m thankful for today:
1. Living close enough for quick visits with family. Paul’s parents come for the weekend and joined us for church this morning

2. Warm weather and being able to play outside all the time!

3. Developing deeper friendships with a few people. We’re focusing on these peeps as “our peeps” and we just love them!

Prayer Requests:

1. We now need only 3 more Mentor Moms for MOPS next year! Please pray that God would provide those beautiful women o join us.

2. Paul & I have been staying up way too late over the past month. We need to get to bed earlier and get better rest.

3. For Paul as he mainly deals with the selling and fixing up of our Omaha house to sell. For a buyer to come love our house and that the current tenants would find another rental before their contract expires at the end of the month.


Be Brave. Be Sexy. AND Grace & Truth

Christy wrote a post at Faith Like Dirty Diapers (awesome site name, huh?) called Brave is the New Sexy. It is about the fear in being vulnerable with our husbands in intimacy. It encourages women to look to the Bible for courage in oneness and to fill our minds with truth so that lies and fear have no place in our minds or in our marriages.

“My ‘brave’ is cultivated through the knowledge of the truth of God’s word. As I reflect on the Word becoming flesh coupled with the words of life found in the bible, I have what I need take steps to obey…

-To offer myself freely to my husband with no rules,
-To be in his presence unashamed,
-To love him sacrificially reflecting the love of Christ to him.”

Please read this article from Christy!

Be Brave. Be Sexy. Grace & Truth | The Brown TribeRead More

Soul Friends {Book Review}

I deeply value friendships that are authentic, deep and encourage spiritual growth with accountability and prayer. These types of friendships are ones that are uplifting in the weary parts of my days, they are life-giving instead of life-draining.

That’s why I was excited to receive a copy of Soul Friends by Leslie Parrot. She wrote books like Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts, Love Talk, God Made You Nose to Toes, The Good Fight, and You Matter More than You Think, among others. She and her husband, Les, have been a voice in the Christian marriage health topic for years.

Soul Friends {Book Review} | The Brown Tribe

I was anticipating a deep book – with deep thoughts and challenges – about the glory of friendships who spur women into greater understanding of God and how He works in community among friends.  Read More

When a Wife Feels Unlovely

A wife wants to be beautiful to her husband. She wants to know that there are specific physical attributes of her that excite him and entice him to desire her.  So what happens when a wife doesn’t feel attractive or appealing to her husband? How does she move from feeling unlovely to feeling beautiful?

When a Wife Feels Unlovely | The Brown Tribe

Sometimes the feeling of unloveliness is a matter of self-confidence in the wife. Let’s face it, a woman is always battling with her appearance and whether or not she believes she is beautiful to anyone – especially to herself and her husband.

Other times, feeling unattractive is initiated by the words of her husband (or lack thereof). There is much to say about both of these scenarios which I will address in subsequent posts, however this post is meant to point us to an even greater truth.  Read More