The Uniqueness of Tentmakers at Missional Call

The Uniqueness of Tentmakers | The Brown Tribe for Missional Call

Tentmakers are unique missionaries. Often tentmakers are alone in their endeavors. They were not sent through a mission board or a sending agency. Instead, they applied for a position and were accepted.

They have special challenges that traditional missionaries don’t have. They also have a unique position in their co-workers lives, some of these professionals may not ever meet a missionary outside of work or school to hear the Good News. That’s why tentmakers are quickly becoming a vital role in the missions movement globally.

Today I’ve written a post at Missional Call describing the uniqueness of tentmakers, or missionaries who serve through business abroad. Click on over my article at Missional Call to read about the challenges they face.

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Messy Beautiful Love – Book Review & GIVEAWAY!

Messy Beautiful Love - Book Review | The Brown TribeI couldn’t even get through Chapter 1 without my heart aching and tears spilling over my eyelids. The best thing about this book, and the reason I believe that every single wife needs to read it, is because Darlene is so real in it. She is vulnerable and bears her soul and prior shame while also enveloping us in the grace she has received from God but also from her husband. She does not package marriage up in this perfect little present with a wonderful bow on it – this is something that needs to be seen – she is brave and courageous as she displays the wonder of worshipping God through the ups and downs of marriage.

Paul and I have a really amazing marriage, something I am so very thankful for and I praise God for all the time. However, even though we’ve got a great marriage we are still in need of grace & forgiveness in it. Just last week I had to communicate with him about how I felt very disconnected from him and tell him of my need to be encouraged, cherished and pursued again at this time. I was an emotional mess, probably from being stressed to the brim but I needed to tell him. I needed to offer him a glimpse into my heart at that particular time so he knew that all was not right at that moment.

Messy Beautiful Love - Book Review | The Brown Tribe

Marriage is two sinners joining together, so the need to die to self and extend grace is an everyday occurrence. Sacrificing your pride to walk in humility within marriage is difficult. It goes against our flesh, our natural tendencies, but it’s a glorious thing when God is honored through thick and thin.

Darlene does such a wonderful job of illustrating what that looks like throughout the book. She includes prayers, council, Q&A, and challenges which pour out gospel truth through each page to drive us to the heart of God for our marriages and in support of our husbands.

This is an amazing read. It’s a book I heartily recommend for every wife, whether current or future, in the hope that God changes us to care more about His glory in our marriage than about changing our spouses to meet our expectations more.

Messy Beautiful Love - Book Review | The Brown Tribe

There’s also an added bonus to my awesome readers!!!

Darlene and Thomas Nelson Publishing has been so generous in offering a free copy of the book in conjunction with this review! How amazing is that?!?!! Since I’m a huge fan of the book, I’m a super huge fan of being able to give one away as well!!

Enter below for your chance to win this wonderful, easy read that will engage your heart as you seek the glory of God for your marriage and to honor your spouse. What a gift!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you want to order this right now, you can do so here!

Messy Beautiful Love - Book Review | The Brown Tribe

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Being Kind Counts – I’m the Captain Today | The Brown Tribe

Being Kind Counts - I'm the Captain Today | The Brown Tribe

I have the privilege of partnering with several women this month to bring you a series on what kindness looks like and how important it is, today I am the “Kindness Captain”. I will be honest, I was super excited by this challenge and for being able to partner with so many amazing women in this project. I’ve even been brainstorming some great ways to show kindness to my family as well as others around town.

However I woke up just “not feeling it” if you know what I mean. I woke up with a begrudging attitude and I did not want to make the whole day about showing kindness. I wanted to stay in my jammies, nestled with a good book while the kids played and all would be marvelous. Isn’t that the perspective we often have?

Let me tell though that as the day moves on and I set about the task to show kindness to people, it has been my greatest joy today!! It’s so funny how God turns our attitudes around when we confess our selfishness and follow through with things we might dread at the time.

Our mission today has been to seek ways to show kindness to people, with that purpose it was easy to be slower at everything in the day, being in a rush simply didn’t happen! Here are a few of the things we’ve done:

  • Studied with my kids about being kind in the Bible (helpful lesson for all of us as we prepared for our day so far).
  • Left encouraging notes for the garbage men and mailman, with gifts of Gatorade & Clif Bars.
  • Got a coffee and bagel for Claire’s teacher to give to her when we arrive.
  • Also paid for the order behind us to bless that person too.
  • Colored a special drawing for our new neighbors.
  • Delivered it straight to them with zucchini bread.
  • Brought extra bread so other kids at the park could feed the ducks with us.
  • Mailed encouraging notes to friends, letting them know what I love about them.
  • Opened store doors for everyone who entered or exited for 10 minutes at every store we frequented this morning.
  • Helped a mom juggling packages and kids at the post office (carried her package inside for her).
  • Helped another mom, parked right next to me, get a car seat into a box that she wanted to return by keeping the box open open for her.
  • Gathered stray carts in the parking lot of the grocery store (raced my kids) & put them all straight in the carousels.

More activities are happening like these after I hit “Publish” on this post. I wanted to give you an idea of what our day looks like as we seek to love other people.

Practice Kindness with Your Kids | The Brown Tribe

I encourage you to join me in this endeavor to show kindness today. Please share your experience with me by either leaving a comment below or linking up your blog post about it here.

Here are some excellent ideas to help you be creative in showing kindness to others as well as fun little printable to help as well.

Showing Kindness Challenge | The Brown Tribe

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Monday Meanderings

Monday Meanderings: Weekly "Life" Organization | The Brown Tribe

Bible Study:
1 John & The Excellent Wife

Memory Verse:
“By this we may know that we are in him: whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.” (1 John 2:5b-6)

Husband Encouragement:
* Pray for him – this week specifically for rest
* Bake a pie for him

Train Them Up:
IAIN – First-time obedience & table manners. He is getting better at table manners, slowly over time. He’s starting to really throw tantrums and move into those whiney years of toddlerhood but we’re taking it one day at a time; trying to be consistent and teach him that he doesn’t always get what he wants.
CLAIRE – She’s doing better at playing with Iain, we’ve been reading a lot of Scripture together about selfishness and caring for other people. We’re still trying to find a good routine for homeschooling but I’m just glad that it only takes about 30 minutes or so a day right now. She’s been very snuggly lately too, I think she’s exercising her love for physical touch with hugs and wanting to hang on us (literally) all the time right now.

New Habit of the Month:
Just because I still feel a bit overwhelmed with the new routines myself, this month I’m going to try different routines in order to get a better assessment on what works for our family. We might do school in the morning one day and then in the afternoon a few days later. Really want to have a routine for all of us.

* Grocery shopping
* Prep some food ahead of time.
* Write book reviews (x4)
* Iain’s dentist appt
* MOPS Fundraiser

M – Tacos, Watermelon
T – Pizza Ranch for MOPS Fundraiser
W – Lasagna, Garlic Bread, Salad, Clementines
Th – TBD
Sa – TBD
Su – TBD

* Call with the Kotaks in India
* Father-son & Mommy-daughter dates
* Playdate with Gennie & kids
* Awana
* Get to see family for E’s birthday!
* 5K & Toddler Trot as family fun

3 things I’m thankful for today:
1. Essential Oils!! Being able to help calm my kids from Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease without having to take them to the doctor or letting them sit in misery. They did not get symptoms nearly as bad as some other precious kids we know and love.

2. Friends. We have been so loved by our friends this week while our kids were sick. One brought them a little care package and nothing loves me more than when people love my family well. It gets straight to my heart so I’m very thankful for our friends here.

3. I’m so ready for fall! I absolutely adore the cooler weather, even if it rains quite a bit.

Prayer Requests:

1. Some friends are having quite a time with their babies, whether it be colic, food-related or something that’s hard to figure out. These families need prayer for their exhaustion and also that they would accept the help offered to them to get through these tiring times.

2. Safety during travel with some family traveling this week and next week.

3. Time management is always a struggle for me and something I’m always trying to learn!

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Essential Oils Head to Toe: Respiratory Health

Essential Oils 101: A Series | The Brown Tribe

Below are the topics of this series/guide so far. I encourage you to read them all for the ultimate benefit in learning about essential oils and making sure you are using them safely.

Essential Oils for Respiratory Health | The Brown Tribe

With the news of a nasty respiratory virus sweeping the country, called Enterovirus 68, sending hundreds of children to hospitals, I thought it was appropriate to do a write-up on how essential oils can help.

Oils which help address respiratory health: Breathe (blend), Eucalyptus, Frankincense, On Guard (blend), Rosemary, Lemon, or Peppermint

Suggested Applications:

1. Apply Breathe topically to chest for coughing or wheezing.

2, Apply On Guard topically on the throat area as an antibiotic or on feet as a general immune boost.

3. Place 1-2 drops of On Guard in a capsule 2 to 4 times daily & take orally.

4. Diffuse Breathe (or Eucalyptus or Rosemary) or put it in your hands, cup them together over your nose & mouth, and inhale.

5. Combine 5 drops Eucalyptus, 8 drops Frankincense, and 6 drops Lemon. Apply to bottoms of feet, or add 2 Tbsp liquid coconut oil and apply as a hot compress.

6. Dilute any oils as recommended and apply to chest, throat and back. You can add 2-3 drops with 1 Tbsp liquid coconut oil and massage onto chest, shoulders & back as well.

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